CHICAGO, IL- Alexander Glantz is a Chicago native and performed under the name Alexander 23. 2019 was a break out year for Alexander as his first single “Dirty AF1s” premiered as Apple Music’s “Bop of The Week”. He subsequently released his debut EP “I”m Sorry I Love You” in the fall.

“I’m Sorry I Love You” is an impressive collection of music from such a young man. “Dirty AF1s”, a song that uses dirty Air Force Ones as its main imagery, seems to highlight Alexander’s musical skill which is packing solid emotional punches with its plainspoken, storytelling lyrics overs deceptively cheery melodies.

Where the tracks on “I’m Sorry I Love You” seem to lean more pop and neo-soul, Alexander 23’s new single, “IDK You Yet” seems to lean more folk/indie rock akin to Mumford & Sons. A very mature tone dealing with pretty mature subject matter. Of the song, Alexander says:

“This song is about feeling a void in your heart […] I think especially with everything that’s going on in the world right now, people are feeling incomplete. I know I am.”

The video has Alexander riding on a bicycle, throwing out roses at random houses down a barren street. The imagery meshes perfectly with the theme of the lyrics, which profess a yearning for someone to love during rough times. While there is no answer to his call in the song, the video shows a glimmer of hope with an anonymous figure picking up one of the many flowers that he has tossed.

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Alexander 23. Press image. Courtesy of the artist. Used with permission.
Alexander 23. Press image. Courtesy of the artist. Used with permission.