Adidas has unveiled a new sneaker with a 3D-printed sole.

Commercial production of the shoe is hoped to begin later this year. Soles are usually made with an injection mold.

Three hundred pairs will be released this month for family and friends, according to CNBC, with around 100,000 pairs expected on the market by the end of 2018.

adi3drunnerAdidas worked on the shoes with Carbon, a 3D technology start-up. Carbon said it used a method called “Digital Light Synthesis” for the shoes. The process uses light to shape liquid resin, which is then used in a solid form.

The cost of a pair of #Futurecraft 4Ds is not yet known, but Adidas says it will be in the “premium” price range. Other sportswear companies have been testing 3D printing technology, and more are sure to follow the brand’s lead.