The feud between the two New York rappers reached critical levels last weekend, after a gun shot was reported during an altercation between 6ix9ine’s and Casanova’s crews at an Adrian Broner fight at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Now, TMZ is reporting that the Barclay’s incident may have stemmed from an earlier incident in which two men were reportedly injured in a shooting during a Casanova music video shoot on Thursday. This video intensified the beef between 6ix9ine and Casanova, with 6ix9ine posting the video on his Instagram, taunting Casanova for being unable to shoot a music video in his own neighborhood.

According to XXL, however, Casanova claims he wasn’t even present during the shooting, saying, “You know damn well nobody ain’t shot at me, man. Everybody at the motherfucking video shoot was my motherfucking sons, nigga.” He also directed a statement at 6ix9ine, writing, “You know my body god bless your soul I’m on parole and if I see you I’m gonna give you a hug cause you need that instead of a slug….Niggas like you discredit real niggas that really put in work.But guess what one day your gonna have to face the people you troll let your gun gooo Ba ba boom You won’t trick me been there done that .” The police have since confirmed with TMZ that they will be investigating 6ix9ine’s crew for any involvement with the music video shooting. No suspects have yet been named.