The New Electric Sound’s Modern Take On “Classic” Sonics Will Hook You [PHOTOS] REVIEW+PHOTOS: THE NEW ELECTRIC SOUND @ THE ROXY 6/21/17

The New Electric Sound at The Roxy 6/21/17. Photo by Derrick K. Lee, Esq. (@Methodman13) for

The New Electric Sound at The Roxy 6/21/17. Photo by Derrick K. Lee, Esq. (@Methodman13) for

Los Angeles, CA- The New Electric Sound is Los Angeles based band (by way of Provo, Utah) that formed in 2011. Catching them for the time at The Roxy on 6/21/17 opening for The Atomics, I was entertained by their playful stage presence and the way they melded elements of surf rock and straight up rock & roll in their music. Their “vintage” sound is catchy and replete with cheerfully hummable hooks that are sure to have you shuffling your feet to the beat as you reminisce about the easy days of summer.

As I suggested earlier, their live show is full of energy. Their lead singer, Scott Vance- whose tenor voice is about as clean as they come- and their bass player, Colin Hatch, had a certain chemistry that made watching them perform live that much more enjoyable. Clearly, they were having fun on stage, and when a band is having that good of a time while performing together, that energy only diffuses out into the audience. Surely, they picked up a new fan or two on this night. Myself included.

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