EVANSTAN, IL- Washington DC/Virginia-based outfit The 5:55 (pronounced The Five Fifty Five) are taking a leap from college-based cover band to bonafide alt pop ensemble with their new single “Marquee,” a preview of their upcoming EP due next year.

The band started playing covers at Virginia Tech and surrounding schools, where they emphasized “rockin’ up the pop songs and dancin’ up the rock songs.” It’s clear they continued this trend with their latest single “Marquee,” which is bright and bouncing, with vocalist Collin Steves’ tenor arching over a fun, upbeat melody. Everything about the song is simple but effective – the moniker of a perfect pop-rock song. I picked up traces of a variety of sub-genre sounds, from early Maroon 5 and American Authors to Smallpools and The Mowgli’s. The chorus is catchy and the backbeat is dance ready – this could be a booming indie pop track you could soon find on a Spotify “New Releases” playlist.

Based on their Spotify singles, the band has been experimenting with a variety of sounds, but the overlying theme of upbeat fun runs through them all. Some of these songs include the jazzy rocker “Drinkin’” and the anthemic “‘Till The Night Ends.” Guitarist Kevin Goldman and bassist Max Biskup feed well off each other with playful riffs, and drummer Ryan Steves accents everything with a flourished finesse.

This ensemble is off to a promising start sound-wise and they’re making traction through east coast college tours. Keep an eye out for the new EP in the new year – and check back on Spotify regularly. This listener has the feeling that you may hear one of these tracks on a “What’s Hot” playlist in the future.

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The 5:55. Marquee single artwork.
The 5:55. Marquee single artwork.