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Tegan and Sara at Orpheum Theatre 9/30/16. Photo by Marina Rose (@MarinaRose7) for www.BlurredCulture.com.

After the iconic indie sister duo Tegan and Sara announced their massive 2016 tour back in April, it was clear the tickets to their show in Los Angeles would sell out quick. But the Canadian lasses treated LA fans with not one, but TWO shows in the City of Angeles; one show at the historic Wiltern and another at the beautiful Orpheum Theatre. According to the sisters, the Orpheum holds a very special place in their hearts as they played one of their biggest shows as a rising talent here in 2009. Needless to say, they were excited to be back.

Tegan and Sara at Orpheum Theatre 9/30/16. Setlist.It wasn’t my first time seeing our northern neighbors in concert. Tegan and Sara had recently played at Life Is Beautiful in Las Vegas where they performed mostly songs from the new album “Love You to Death” (Warner Bros.) which was released in June. The girls love to communicate with the fans and get personal by sharing hilarious tour stories and explaining how they deal with heartbreaks. “If I wasn’t gay… then I don’t know”, laughed Tegan when talking about dating and 2016 men.

They started their set with one of their 2007 hits “Back in Your Head” and took a little break after “How Come You Don’t Want Me” when Sara confessed using Tegan’s beauty products and fearing that she might actually be allergic to it as she couldn’t see anything through the tears welling in her eyes. Their fans coated her with sympathy cheers to help her through her unexpected make-up mishap. We also found out that Sara is allergic to mint … so, if you’re ever thinking about gifting the duo, make sure you avoid mint gum, and definitely avoid “fresh” facial products.

Clearly, they played cuts from their new album, but it was certainly wonderful to hear them playing all of the hits they’ve had spanning their 15 year career. In particular, I was personally excited when they played one of my favorites, “The Con”, as an acoustic piece, taking the power-pop song from the LP of the same name (which was co-produced by Chris Walla of Death Cab For Cutie btw) giving it another layer of the bitterly poignant emotion inherent in the lyrics, which was oddly depressing yet extremely sexy in a messed kind of way.  But, that’s how most of Tegan and Sara songs are, right? It’s the bittersweet pill of life, wrapped in something up-beat to keep you going, right?

By the end of a spectacular show Tegan asked fans for some health advice. “Tweet us and tell us what it is”, the singer laughed referencing Sara’s “erect foot”. I had no idea what they were talking about, but if any MD out there has any idea, tweet Tegan with your thoughts with “#shittyfoot”.  I’m sure she’d appreciate it.

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