Los Angeles, CA- Los Angeles based indie rock band The Dead Ships have released a new single … and it’s a banger. This critically lauded band had their eyes set on recording material for a new album when they were approached by United Recording to record and tape the process for a single.

The studio assembled a super-pro team including: Wesley Seidman to produce (producer/mixer/engineer for Brian Wilson), Gavin Lurssen to master (Queens of the Stone Age), and gear provided by Gibson USA, and they recorded, produced and mixed “The Giant”

The band’s lead singer, Devin McCluskey, has said:

“The song is about the idea that you can be a good person- sweet, moral, genuine-but your actions will ultimately define you. Compulsive behavior feels dark and largely misunderstood, the song is trying to tap into that. Our record CITYCIDE was pretty much recorded live but that felt like the wrong aesthetic for the vibe of this song. We wanted to do something that hit harder, something simpler and more direct. United Recording was perfect for that. It’s one of the few world class studios left, and we can’t believe we were fortunate enough to record there and work with such an amazing team.”

Their time in the studio resulted in one hell of a track. Listen to it below, and watch the video that shows what it was like during the recording process. Let us know what you think in the comment!

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