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Kate Nash @ Latitude 30 presented by BBC Radio 2, PPL & PRS // SXSW 3/15/2017. Photo by Derrick K. Lee, Esq. (@Methodman13) for www.BlurredCulture.com.
Kate Nash @ Latitude 30 presented by BBC Radio 2, PPL & PRS // SXSW 3/15/2017. Photo by Derrick K. Lee, Esq. (@Methodman13) for www.BlurredCulture.com.

For every artist we decided to catch at SXSW, we decided to review each performance with our own version of “Five Ws and One H” answering the questions: 1) Who are they, 2) What kind of music do they play, 3) When did they play, 4) Where are they from, 5) Why did we decide to catch them play and 6), How was their performance.


WHO: Kate Nash.

WHAT: A spirited blend of indie pop and garage punk that’s sassy and slays.

WHEN: 3/15/17 at Latitude 30 presented by BBC Radio 2, PPL & PRS.

WHERE: London, England.

WHY: Because Kate Nash is an artist who evolves musically with every album she has released and I wanted to be one of the first to see and hear what she’s got coming for her fans. I absolutely loved the punk rock turn that Kate Nash took on her 2013 release “Girl Talk”, so I was eager to catch one of her SXSW performances.

HOW: Kate Nash is a force of nature. Her energy is incredibly infectious and it’s virtually impossible to not to want to be her friend as soon as she steps off the stage. Now, whether you can keep up with her … I figure that’d be another story altogether. LOL.

I was more than pleased when she opened her set with the “Girl Talk” cut “Sister”. As she growled and sneered though the song, she set the mood for the rest of the performance, making me anticipate a bad-ass, attitude filled performance. She lived up to the expectation.

With her debut album, “Made Of Bricks”, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, she played a handful of selections from that album, but even those songs had a decidedly punk feel to them. Perhaps it was the fact that gone was the piano that is used in the original recordings, replaced by the shredding of her equally bad-ass guitarist and bassist.

Without Kate having to sit behind the keys, she was able take advantage of the physical freedom that was now available to her. From jumping into the audience, to getting on her knees (and her back) on stage, to singing and shredding her own guitar on top … yes, on TOP … of the venue’s bar, Kate was bold, unpredictable and a fantastic delight to watch perform live.

Kate performed a handful of new songs that I was not familiar with, and I can assume that those are songs that she has written for her next album. She announced to the audience she would be raising funds on Kickstarter, which campaign has been activated and that you can CHECK OUT HERE. Anybody in Los Angeles want to pool some money with me to get that House Show reward? Hit a brother up.

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