Los Angeles, CA- Though it was released in 2015, I wasn’t introduced to Julien Baker and her cathartic songs of heart-break until I saw her at FYF Fest in 2016. I left that performance with watery eyes and a new go-to artist for musical solace. Discovering that she was the opener for Conor Oberst at The Greek Theatre on 5/13/17, I looked forward to having my heart-strings pulled in every direction as I held my breath so as to not emit an audible sigh.

With just her acoustic guitar, and her tender, soprano voice, Julien cast a spell upon all of those who were fortunate to arrive at the venue early enough for her musical offerings. Whether singing softly of the existence of God (“Blacktop”) or lost love (“Something”), Julien’s beautifully pure voice filled the large amphitheater with a gently piercing, emotional gravitas framed in innocent simplicity. It’s powerful without being overpowering, and pained without being painful. Quite simply, it was lovely.

For those sitting in the audience, eyes were transfixed on the diminutive songstress who stories of depression and loneliness poured from her heart. The Greek Theatre can seat over 5,500 guests, but as Julien sang her emotional, personal narratives, the experience was about as intimate as could be. The rest of the world fades away and she sings to you as if you were the only person in the space.

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