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They’ve done it again.

In the days following, Eminem’s viral BET cypher, Prophets Of Rage drop the official video for their track “Strength In Number” that’s filled with equally fiery imagery and messages.

Working 9 to 5 all your life
Feeling like you’re left behind
Everyday’s a struggle
Breaking for that peace of mind

Livin’ in division, listen
Something’s fucking missing
Your mind is in a prison
I’ma free it check the vision
Fucking unify, unify
Motherfuckers unify
Raise up like a fist
“Smashit” like it’s do or die

It’s a call to arms and directly addresses some of the current issues concerning freedom of speech in the NFL. This time, however, they’ve seemed to direct their anger and message to a new enemy. Watch the video till the end!

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