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A-WA. Photo Courtesy of the Artist. Used With Permission.

A-WA Reclaim Tradition In Modernity At The Skirball Cultural Center REVIEW: A-WA @ Skirball Cultural Center 9/25/16

What’s with the trios of Jewish sisters named Haim being radically talented musicians? Seriously though. What are the odds? How often do people procreate and have three daughters? How often do those three daughters form a band? How often is that band actually really good? And how often is their last name also Haim? Uncanny. […]

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Cody Chesnutt at Music Tastes Good 2016, September 24th. Photo by Derrick K. Lee, Esq. (@Methodman13) for

In Limited Time, Cody ChesnuTT Gave Music Tastes Good His Soul REVIEW+PHOTOS: Cody Chesnutt @ Music Tastes Good 9/24/16

CLICK HERE to check out the rest of our coverage of Music Tastes Good 2016 RECAP: If there was a performance at Music Tastes Good that truly had me longing for more, it was Cody Chesnutt’s. Another unfortunate casualty of the shortened set times due to the festival doors opening late, Cody Chesnutt’s 45 minute […]

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