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Jean-Michel Jarre in discussion with Hans Zimmer, Gary Numan, Moby, Julia Holter & Little Boots @ The Record Parlour 2/9/17. Photo by Constantin Preda (@ctpredaportraits) for


As a creative individual, it’s a benefit to be in the presence of some of the most accomplished creators in modern times, and that’s exactly what I was fortunate enough to experience on February 9, 2017 in Hollywood. I’m in the back room of The Record Parlour on Selma in Los Angeles. It’s the kind […]

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Kodo: Dadan. Photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Used with permission.

Kodo: Dadan Builds Suspense With Every Pulse [REVIEW] REVIEW: KODO: DADAN 2017 @ WALT DISNEY CONCERT HALL 2/7/17

  One of the first words that comes to mind to describe the music of Taiko drumming ensemble Kodo is “visceral”; I am far from the first to describe them this way, and it may have something to do with the word “Kodo” itself, which means heartbeat. Their performance of Dadan 2017 pulsed through the […]

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Pop-Up Magazine. Photo by Jon Snyder. Used With Permission.

Pop-Up Magazine Offers A Literal “Once In A Lifetime” Experience [PREVIEW] PREVIEW: POP-UP MAGAZINE 2017

On February 22nd in San Fransisco, Pop-Up Magazine will embark on another storytelling tour, sharing with new and returning fans their current incarnation of a “live magazine”. Each evening of story is designed specifically for a live format. With a variety of highly regarded minds and talents scheduled to share their respective presentations at each stop on this Winter 2017 […]

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Chris Cuffaro's "Greatest Hits" Photography Exhibition @ Gibson Brands On Sunset 2/2/17

Chris Cuffaro’s Greatest Hits Adorn The Walls Of The Past [PHOTOS+INTERVIEW] EVENT REVIEW: Chris Cuffaro's "Greatest Hits" Photography Exhibition @ Gibson Brands On Sunset 2/2/17

I find myself on a new adventure in the gutted body of what was once a Sunset Strip beacon for music lovers: the outer shell of what could be considered one of our places of worship — the historic Tower Records. Opened in 1971, it’s now the home to Gibson Brands on Sunset. Still, with […]

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"Huddle" Gathering 2/4/17 | Political Activism | Photo by Derrick K. Lee, Esq. (@Methodman13) for

Channelling Political Activism With The Power Of The Pen [PHOTO ESSAY] PHOTO ESSAY: "HUDDLE" GATHERING 2/4/17

Following the historic, global turnout of the Women’s March, citizens with concerns about the future of our nation have used that energy to mobilize and take further action in whatever ways possible to make sure that their voices are heard. From participating in other peaceful protests, to actively engaging in political discourse on social media, men and women of […]

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Who’s The average Snapchat user?

The IPO filing by Snapchat’s parent company Snap reveals a slew of information about the 158 million people who use the app every day. Each of these users is a special snowflake, of course, with her own life and dreams and tribulations, but the filing finally lets us talk about Snapchat’s users as an aggregated […]

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Trump Talks Mad Shit to Other World Leaders The Trump proves he truly gives zero fucks...

  This week, President Donald Trump and his deputies hit out at some of America’s closest friends, blasting a “dumb” refugee resettlement deal with Australia and accusing Japan and Germany of manipulating their currencies. Ties with Mexico have deteriorated to the point its government had to deny reports that Trump told President Enrique Pena Nieto he […]

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Le’Veon Bell drops diss track aimed at Skip Bayles The Pittsburgh Steelers running back steps back into the booth for a new diss track called “Shrimp Bayless.”

Le’Veon Bell is done with Skip Bayless’ criticism. The Pittsburgh Steelers running back steps back into the booth for a new diss track called “Shrimp Bayless.” Bell, under his rap name Juice, drips some bars about Bayless in response to the sports pundit’s opinion of the star tailback. “Shrimp Bayless, I been hearing you lately/You […]

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MISS FRANCE CROWNED MISS UNIVERSE 2017 Miss France is the winner and damn is she hot.....

A 23-year-old dental student from France won the Miss Universe crown Monday in a pageant held in the Philippines, saying her triumph will make the beauty contest more popular in Europe and help her efforts to put more underprivileged children in school. Iris Mittenaere from Lille city in northern France buried her face in her hands […]

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